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Now that you have determined that ETFs are appropriate for your investment portfolio, you may be wondering how to go about purchasing them. There are several options available to purchase ETFs for your investment portfolio based on how you do your investing.


For Self Directed Investors

You can purchase our ETFs through your financial advisor or directly through an online brokerage firm, in the same way as buying and selling stocks. 

You do not have to open a separate trading account. You can execute the trade by Market Order and Limit Order when placing an order for an ETF.  Similar to trading stocks, you can also short-sell an ETF. You can also buy on margin if you maintain a margin account with your broker. This allows you to borrow a percentage of the transaction value from the broker.


For Institutional Investors

Institutional investors can create and redeem units at NAV through a Participating Dealer, which is a more suitable approach due to larger capital investment. 


Details of each ETF are available on BMO ETF website as well as the official website of the Hong Kong Exchange.